Emilio Ricci, professional in the textile industry since 1982, has been looking for a positive and alternative and positive answer to the huge spread of oil derived fibers in textile industry.

During the 20th century, synthetic materials have replaced natural products used in almost any sector of life.

In no other field, excepted cosmetics, this trend has been as strong as textile industry.

The great majority of clothing items in the world – an industry turnover of 7000 billion a year is produced, or their fibers cultivated, using chemical synthetic substances, most of them toxic for man.

Artificial oil fibers smother skin, or biggest and sensitive organ, preventing it from correctly breathing to release toxins.



1 kg of cotton takes 11000 litres of water, whereas 1 kg of wood fiber takes 110 litres.

Phytosanitary products, pesticides, herbicides used for the cultivation of cotton are toxic chemicals for the human body and their presence persists even on the finished garment.
The cotton T-shirt that we can find on store shelves maintains many toxic chemicals due to the production of cotton, not to mention the high toxic chemicals for dyeing.
The same goes for the disposal of garments made commonly without the use of certified procedures, which release CO2 emissions in very high and dangerous quantities for the ecosystem.
Green Peace spoke with the DETOX protocol, which aims to reduce the dangers inherent in garments produced in the world according to a series of parameters that put the environment and the health of consumers in safety.
Over the years, Emilio Ricci, together with Italian researchers and weavers, has carried out experimentation activities to identify natural organic fibers that, in addition to respecting the environment for their ecological characteristics, give a perceivable benefit to the consumer thanks to the compatibility of nature external to us, with our individual nature.
Many allergies can derive from the use of synthetic garments, especially for the intimate parts of the body, with the natural bio fibers used by MY NATURAL DREAM we can solve these problems at the origin.
Nowadays few people are able to relate the responsibilities of many skin pathologies with clothing, to have a deepening in this regard we suggest reading the book:


KILLER CLOTHES – A.M. and B. Clement
The text was written by Anna Maria Clement and Brian Clement, the managers of HIPPOCRATES HEALT INSTITUTE located in West Palm Beach in FLORIDA – USA, a wellness center spread over 20 hectares organized to offer healthy paths with a holistic approach that is BODY MIND SPIRIT using only resources from nature.