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Natural Textiles for your well-being and for the environment

You eat well, have an active life, but wear syntethic “techno” fibers made from oil.

What if there was an alternative way of dressing?

Wood Fiber

Lenpur ® is an incredible fiber made from wood of some soft trees pruning.
It is:

    • Highly sustainable
    • Has some mechanical features that make it ideal for producing soft yet durable clothing
    • Wicks moisture 35% more than cotton
    • Takes 100 times less water to be produced compared to cotton
    • Doesn’t need to be mixed with chemicals to produce items
    • Doesn’t retain odors
    • It’s naturally antibacterial

Milk Fiber

The discovery, made by the Italian engineer Mr. FERRETTI, dates back to 1935. Its production starts from milk caseine. On the skin, it is particularly pleasant and comfortable, as the casein proteins have the characteristic to nourish and moisturize even the most sensitive skin: this makes it an ideal material for the making of undergarments and sportswear, and especially female clothing.

Bamboo Charcoal Fiber

Not to be confused with bamboo rayon, it is obtained by heating bamboo at temperatures of 800 degrees and then the charcoal itself is processed and mixed in with fabrics as part of the growing field of nanotechnology. One of the most sustainable fabrics available today.


Antibacterial – Antiallergic

several studies show how bamboo charcoal, wood fiber and milk fiber have superior antibacterial and antiallergic performance


Moisture wicking

unlike oil derived fabrics, ours (really) wick moisture away from your skin. Particularly useful for sport or places with high temperatures. They absorbe 35% more water than cotton!


Regulates body temperature

The inherent capability of absorbing humidity and taking it away guarantees a constant temperature for the highest comfort


No chemicals

GOTS and Oekotex certification guarantee the highest sustainability standard. Solvents used to extract pulp or caseine have a closed loop circuit that reuse them many times, then they are purified before disposal.


Do not retain odors

because of the moisture wicking power, there is no humidity and thus no germs and bacteria that bring bad odors!


Barrier for anti-static electricity

especially for bamboo charcoal, whose carbon particles are higly conductive. Static electricity caused by sinthetic fibers is much more dangerous than you think!

100% Styled and Made in Italy

It is now clear what’s the TRUE cost of “low” cost clothing.
Factories in the third world, labor child, resources exploitation and no dignity.
Our clothing are fully styled by us and produced in Italy, respecting every labor regulation.

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