In the last decades textile industry has elaborated and massively used synthetic fibers and hi-tech fiber, for example polyester, all of which have a common unique element: oil.

Why that? Because these materials cost less, can be colored more easily, are mold and bacteria resistant, are easier to clean, often crease much less – they even do not crease! – Well ok, on the other end: they prevent our skin to breathe well, they don’t absorb sweat, they cause static electricity and cannot be boiled, and thus sterilized. Let alone the wastes of their production and disposal and the end of their life cycle.

Formaldehyde permitted thresholds are higher in China, where the majority of production is concentrated. My Natural Dream clothing are styled and produced 100% in Italy, respecting every labor regulation and dignity.

They are made with totally natural fibers, derived from wood, bamboo, and caseine (milk fiber). They are used alone or mixed with a reduced percentage of organic cotton (e.g. for towels). Oekotex and GOTS certifications make them totally safe for adults, and children too.